Charlie “Bird” Parker & His Trio

@ Moldyfig we feel that in this world of closed doors and endless networks you have to be open minded about how to connect, share, and express yourself.

Moldyfig is always excited to see, hear, and experience your work! We love being inspired by you and encourage your artistic exploration. If you’re ever thinking “I don’t think this is cool or good enough”, that just means you care. Don’t give up, keep going, and share your talents! We’re always looking to connect with creatives like you. Please feel free to reach out with questions and speak about your work! If you took the time to make it, Moldyfig wants to see it.

Let’s discover what we can create together.

Take care and keep doing,

* submitted materials may be posted to our home page @ and on ig @moldyfigxx. Submitted versions may be shortened due to upload constraints.

Thanks for your help!